Scary shit.

This is a concern- 8 degrees will tip and roll a loaded trailer.

Miss Carol won’t even watch it.

Remind me again what it is that I’m doing?

5 responses to “Scary shit.

  1. I watched. Then I made everyone in the office watch. Then I clicked over to another video. It was 6 minutes… of someone driving. I was waiting for something horrible to happen. The only horrible thing that happened was that I made myself carsick.

    Anyway. You better be a lot more careful than that guy. Miss Carol will kick your ass. And then it’d end up on YouTube.

  2. You aren’t kidding…scary! Even before the accident happened on screen I thought to myself that truck was going way too fast past the camera. When I lived in Denver I saw a runaway truck once while on I70 coming from the Rockies back to Denver…fortunately he made it into the runaway truck lane which stopped him…but it was scary when he flew past us with smoke coming from his tires {or brakes?}. Be safe please.

    • Yeah, the smoke is because he’s used up his air brakes so the trailer brakes lock and he’s sliding and burning down the mountain.
      See how authoritatively I said that?

      • You really did…impressive ~ and now I know why and where all the smoke comes from. I bet that is a hell of a ride for the driver when that happens!

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