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What a day.

I’m trying to think of reasons not to kill my driver ’cause the truck needs something else again.

Miss Carol comes home in a foul mood.

My little brother and his little cupcake stand in the driveway working out familial problems via iPhone conference call.


The music washes quietly over everything, gently trying to assuage, to push back the roiling dark blackness. The music tries. But the black seeps into the evening roiling up against us and Tug and Cutter sit staring and wondering.

Miss Carol shrieks and storms.

And I bite down on fuck you, because fuck you leads down roads irretrievable.

So I try- fuck this.

And it seems to maybe work.


ImageOld tile guys prolly would’a rocked back on their thinset smeared kneepads, pushed back their sweat-stained hats on their collective heads and said, boy-you are WAY over-thinking this.

And I was. Mostly ’cause I’m not a thinset smeared old tile guy so I gotta think things through. And through.

Tile, mostly because of it’s permanence is daunting to me. I lay it out, I re-measure and re-lay it out, I look at it from all available angles in all available lighting thinking about how long I’m gonna have to stare at it.

And then I re-lay it all out again.

This weekend my little brother and I poured the shower floors and then, on Sunday, Miss Carol and me laid out the kitchen counter tops. The tiles Miss Carol decided were her heart-throb must-haves are 12×24 big ‘ole homers so layout was even more crucial. As if.

We did it one way. Then we did it another. Then we stared at it and tried it another way.

Then we got dressed and looked at the tile.


Anyway. Long story short we finally got the countertop tiles laid out in a direction and combination that is both pleasing and prolly something we’ll be able to stare at for the rest of our lives.




My little brother and his little cupcake moved in with us a coupla months ago and honestly? things couldn’t be going better. We all get along, I don’t want to kill him and he doesn’t seem to want to kill me.  No rancor and lots of sharing.

It’s been fun. I think we’re actually gonna miss one another when we part ways again.

So it was funny to watch something develop the other night.

Of all of us, what with our differing schedules, Miss Carol always seems to be the one getting home last and latest. Cutter and Tug kinda, sorta, like me. But they loves, lurrrves, Miss Carol. They sit on the couch, staring out the window, impatiently waiting for Miss Carol’s car to round the corner. And when she does, they go wild.

So. Me and my little brother and his cupcake were having cocktails and waiting for Miss Carol when cupcake said, Watch this.

She turned slightly and whispered, is that Miss Carol?

Cutter and Tug went berserk, searching for her and her car. My little brother and his cupcake laughed and I thought, oh shit.

Some time and another cocktail passed and cupcake says softly- is that Miss Carol?

And the boys bolted into action again.

But this time when they came back in Cutter looked at cupcake and goes pfffffttttt. Tug lays down and glares at us.


Later on, after dinner, my little brother and his cupcake decide to go for a walk on the beach. She goes out to the florida room to put on her sandals and squeals- why are these wet?

They leave.

Dudes, I say.

Cutter goes pffffttt and Tug nuzzles him.

Update. Finally.

Miss Carol rested her chin on my shoulder and said, Is this a new one?

And I said, I hope so. I’m tryin’

After days and weeks and months, I’m back.


Is anybody still out there?

I know I’ve been miserably neglecting my miserable neglected little blog for most of the summer, but.

I’ve been really, really, really busy. Serious.

Don’t believe me? Just check it out sister- I’ve been working (on The Little House of Horrors and on my company and on helping my little brother take over the residential side of my contracting company and on getting my little trucking company going and on my book which is a little over halfway re-written). Whew.

The Little House of Horrors is coming along really nicely. It’s tough building a house on the weekends, but my little brother and me are doing it. The exterior is done and painted, we got the electrical final so we have lights and A/C and running water and we are finally, finally,  finishing things and ain’t life grand? It is.

Work is, and has always been, super busy. Don’t get me wrong-I admit it- I’ve been lucky. The commercial communications side of my little company has never really slowed down and now, with my little brother handling the handyman/contractor side of things, I’ve had time to concentrate on trucking which is good ’cause that hasn’t been going so well. It’s a whole lot more work than I’d bargained for and my driver has had waaaaaayyyy more issues than I’d ever imagined or bargained for.

But we move ahead, right?

Yes we do. Right into writing (see what I did there?). In amongst and squeezed between everything else, I’ve rewritten 18 of 30 chapters of my book and I hope/want/need to have the thing finished and sent to the folks at CreateSpace before NaNoWriMo in November ’cause I’m hoping/wanting/needing to have my first book (my first BOOK?) mostly done before starting the prequel. Life is hard, right?

So yeah. Blogging has kinda slipped off the table and skittered across the floor and been chased down and eaten by Cutter and Tug.

But I want to get better ’cause I miss you guys.



Anybody still out there?