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I loves my music.

I listen to anything and everything and if it strikes a chord (see what I did there?) with me I’ll listen to it over and over and over again. I listen to music more than I listen to Miss Carol and that’s sayin’ something.

I loves my music.

So you can imagine my surprise and elation when I went out to the mailbox yesterday and found the Rolling Stone BIG issue nestling within. One of the BIG things my magazine cover promised was THE 10 NEW BANDS THAT WILL ROCK YOU IN 2012.

My hands shook with pre-coital excitement.

I cradled my Rolling Stone and took her inside. After a couple of cocktails, some quiet get-to-know-you conversation, and a candle-lit dinner with my little Rolling Stone, I took her into my Me Only Room to check her out and listen to her BIG 10.

Here’s what I found-

SLEIGH BELLS- I love the name. I really do. But even though I downloaded two songs-DOA and Road to Hell, I didn’t really like most of what I heard. Most of the songs sounded like variations of themselves. Hmmm. That, and he wears really dorky sunglasses and her nose is too pointy.

ALABAMA SHAKES- I was so glad to see them on Rolling Stones BIG list. I first heard them about a month ago and downloaded the entire album. (why are we still calling these bits and bytes albums?) They fucking rock. Grab a listen.

FUN.- Nope. Don’t get it. I like hip hop and rap but this is confused and trying too hard.

GRIMES- A tatted-up ex-ballerina is a little difficult to look at. She’s eerie. iTunes review says “she pushes the margin of this electronic subgenre”. I probably don’t know what that means, ’cause her music makes my teeth itch.

GOTYE- Can you make a career of remixes of one song? I don’t know. But it seems like Gotye is trying. I like Somebody That I Used To Know well enough, not well enough to choose which remix to download, but well enough.

DANNY BROWN- Sounds to me like just another punk ass rapper. He’s being hyped online for his hyper extremist shock rap, but honestly? It’s the same shit, different day. Listen to Snoop Dog or Cypress Hill or Rage Against the Machine instead.

CLOUD NOTHINGS- Are not too bad. They sound kinda like a really weak, gay, Green Day.

BEACH HOUSE- I kinda like this. Not enough yet to download anything yet, but I kinda like it. The music is the type that I imagine chicks listen to after they’ve been dumped. But it grows on you, or maybe clings to you. Give it a listen.

SHARON VAN ETTEN- Oh wait. Maybe this is what chicks listen to after they’ve been dumped.

WHITE RABBITS- Music for metrosexuals to floss and gloss by. Flippin’ awful unless you need music to floss and gloss by.

It’s an interesting mix that my Rolling Stone believes will rock me in 2012. She knows waaaay more than me but, honestly?, I wasn’t too crazy about the list.

At least Metallica was on the cover.

WTF happened??

Will whoever stole the last three weeks of my life please return them to me?

I mean, I know there are valid reasons for the lapse, for the whole lag in the time-space continuum thingy.

Stuff like my brother and his little cupcake moving in with us. I’d naively thought that they’d be doing all the heavy lifting due to the fact that it was them doing the moving and stuff. I figured Miss Carol and me just had to scritch over a little at life’s table to make room for them.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, hooboy. Nothing could’ve been further from the truth. The truth being Miss Carol and me are also moving. Granted, we’re just moving about within our house, but we’re moving and Miss Carol is bound and determined to make sure our new roommates have as much space as possible.

I figured I could take a week off of

And then there was stuff like-

Again, I naively thought that life would be easy and interesting. I figured the hardest part of being an owner/operator would be getting funding from the bank and then I could just kick back in my beach chair and watch the tide and settlement checks roll in.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, hooboy, did I ever get a wake up call on that one. Not only is it a lot more work than I thought it’d be, it ain’t payin’ great either. What with all the licensing and taxes and fuel and repairs, it’s paying for itself and the driver and not too much more.
But I’m gonna keep at it- mostly ’cause I know Miss Carol is just waiting right there on the periphery with a big ITOLDYOUSO smack down.
And, yeah, I let my little slide a little bit more.
But only because The Little House of Horrors and the ever-lengthening novel hooked-up and conspired to use up whatever little time of my life had been left to me.
I’m currently re-writing chapters 9 and 10 of the ever-lengthening novel and my littlest sister is proof-reading and playing editor. Who knew writing a book would be this much work?
The Little House of Horrors is a butt-load of work too, but it’s actually getting into an exciting phase again. The walls and ceiling are painted and I finished up the electric today with the exception of the three-way light switches. I’d downloaded schematics and stared and stared at them. Turned them back and forth and to and fro and even sighted down the page into a bright light.
Made no difference. I could not figure out how to wire that kinda light switch so I’m gonna have to bring in an electrician for the three-way.
Did I just say that?
And then this happened and became a briefly niggling, nagging memory-
I drank the kool-aid. I had picked up this book over a year ago in a bookstore, flipped through it, and dropped it back on the table ’cause the literati-snob in me had decided it was waaaay below my reading level. And it is. It’s written for 15 year old girls.
But you know what?
The 15 year old girl in me loved it. It’s a fun read.
There was a time, not too distantly past, when I made it a point to post at least three times a week because my readers reader demanded it and while I’ve known I’ve been neglecting lately I was still really surprised when I pulled up my little blog today and saw that it had been three weeks since I last posted.
But maybe not so really surprised when I checked stats and saw that my readers reader had fled. Or maybe died of boredom.