About oceandoggy

I’m a happily married guy, hopelessly addicted to beer and bikinis and our two dogs, Cutter and Tug, and my wife, Carol.

Lots of ands and commas, there.

6 responses to “About oceandoggy

  1. Kevin Christopher

    Hey, like you, I have admired those adventurers up in Carova and bought a nice lot in the x zone. I am thinking about building a 400 sq ft , no frills bunk house, of course with out side shower in North Swan on Midland. Did you ever think of something like this?? – Kevin

    • Without a doubt. We’ve been thinkin’ about the same thing for a coupla years.
      Just a little, bitty, get-away.

  2. Kevin Christopher

    One more thing, I do not like blogs, but I like this one.. KC

    • Thanks my man!

      • Kevin Christopher

        You seem like a guy that may know something about this. Can a one room 400 sq feet bunk house on pilings be built up in North Swan for 65,000 dollars. I own the lot outright.Just a basic bunk house. If this is too off base, I apologize.

  3. I am so sorry Kevin- you’re not off base at all.
    I don’t think I ever replied to you.
    I was just going through the website, cleaning some stuff up and saw your comment.
    You definitely would be able to build your little getaway for under 65K.
    Last I heard, turnkey construction was in the $75 to $90 per square foot range. Even if it went as high as $100, you’re still well within your budget.
    Let me know if you ever want to go ahead and I can probably hook you up with some good people to help you build it.

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