Monthly Archives: November 2022

Steers to you.

While driving the big truck in close quarters or backing 53 feet of trailer into tight spots requires no small amount of skill, cruising at highway speed on the interstates is mostly just holding the steering wheel and not falling asleep.

So I have a LOT of time to look around and notice things. Unfortunately, there is very little on most interstates to see.

Fortunately, there are plenty of cars and people.

Sadly, if you pass me on the passenger side of my truck, I can’t see very much. But if you pass me on the driver’s side I can see a great deal.

And what I’ve seen is that there’s a lot going on in American cars on American highways. You might be surprised.

But one of the biggest things I’ve noticed, and this is in no way scientific, nor is it all-inclusive, is the different ways men and women sit and hold the steering wheel of their cars while driving.

For the most part, women tend to hold the bottom half of the steering wheel, sitting primly in the drivers seat looking like they’re at a job interview or in a meeting or something.

Men, on the other hand, tend to grip the upper half of the wheel and slouch in the seat sprawled as if sitting on the couch at home watching sports on TV, or, they hang their left hand on the wheel while leaning on the center console.

Again, this is far from scientific, or even 100%, but it appears to be such a majority in most of the cars passing me as to be almost stereotypical.

So if you read this and think, gosh, that’s me, or if reading it makes you feel stereotyped, you might want to take a walk on the wild side and see how the other half lives. Or, rather, drives.

In other words, men, you sit up tall and erect with your hands clutching the bottom of the steering wheel, and ladies, try sprawling in the seat, leaning on the center console with one hand hooked over the top of the wheel.

And ladies? If you do try the manly way of driving, could you please unbutton the top three or four buttons of your blouse or shirt before you pass me on the driver’s side?

Thank you.