My little brother and his little cupcake moved in with us a coupla months ago and honestly? things couldn’t be going better. We all get along, I don’t want to kill him and he doesn’t seem to want to kill me.  No rancor and lots of sharing.

It’s been fun. I think we’re actually gonna miss one another when we part ways again.

So it was funny to watch something develop the other night.

Of all of us, what with our differing schedules, Miss Carol always seems to be the one getting home last and latest. Cutter and Tug kinda, sorta, like me. But they loves, lurrrves, Miss Carol. They sit on the couch, staring out the window, impatiently waiting for Miss Carol’s car to round the corner. And when she does, they go wild.

So. Me and my little brother and his cupcake were having cocktails and waiting for Miss Carol when cupcake said, Watch this.

She turned slightly and whispered, is that Miss Carol?

Cutter and Tug went berserk, searching for her and her car. My little brother and his cupcake laughed and I thought, oh shit.

Some time and another cocktail passed and cupcake says softly- is that Miss Carol?

And the boys bolted into action again.

But this time when they came back in Cutter looked at cupcake and goes pfffffttttt. Tug lays down and glares at us.


Later on, after dinner, my little brother and his cupcake decide to go for a walk on the beach. She goes out to the florida room to put on her sandals and squeals- why are these wet?

They leave.

Dudes, I say.

Cutter goes pffffttt and Tug nuzzles him.

3 responses to “Cupcake.

  1. Okay, I adore Cyndie but that made me LOLOLOLOLs!!!! Out loud! I think the lesson here, dorothy, is don’t mess with the dudes. 🙂

  2. Now that was funny…no offense to Cupcake…but that was funny! 🙂

  3. What comes around goes around.

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