I abound, or maybe, rebound?

So this is how it works. I don’t have the ego for a blog.

I can’t understand why anyone besides me would find me even remotely interesting.

But I keep doing this ’cause my Mr. Narcissism takes up the slack. Most of the time he’s what fuels me so I can write something as silly as a blog about me.

I mean, c’mon, right?

My Mr. Narcissism’s the guy at the party who’s way too loud, way too drunk, way too out there. He bustles energetically into the room, shouldering through everybody upsetting drinks and  apologizing apologetically. He’s the guy you glom onto who sets himself up in the middle of the room and makes himself the center of attention even though eyes are rolling and heads and bodies are turning away, muttering sadly.

And even though he knows he’s probably spent, my Mr. Narcissism remains unfazed. For awhile, at least. He continues on droolingly, slatheringly, and drunkenly screaming EVERYBODY WANTS TO HEAR MY STORY, RIGHT??? while he’s gyrating wildly and dancing stupidly, until he passes out on the kitchen floor and I have to cover him up with a blanket.

Heaving a big sigh of relief, I look around blinking in the daylight and think and I say to myself that’s cool. Nobody’s really interested in my crap anyway, so in a way it’s a release, a slipping of the leash.

But just when I’m thinking about sneaking away and leaving all my bloggy friends behind he wakes up and my Mr. Narcissism winks at me and licks his lips and croaks- dude, let’s have a Bloody Mary.

And I’m right back in it.

6 responses to “I abound, or maybe, rebound?

  1. Don’t give up your blog. I may not comment that often but I read your posts faithfully and really enjoy them. You have a great writing style – don’t give up. Although I don’t understand this whole big rig trucking kick you’re on – but hey I’m along for the ride – pun intended!

    • I’m not and I won’t.
      Mr. Narcissism won’t let me.
      (plus I LOVE typing narcissism- have you tried it? I’m smelling new password)

    Lick your lips, get Mr. Narcissism an eff’n Bloody Mary!! And get back in it!!!!! YEEEEEEEEHA!!!!!!

  3. You can’t leave yet…we have to see the graduation photos from truck driving school at least! And make Mr. Narcissism’s drink a double ~ I believe there are more stories to tell. 🙂

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