Daily Archives: September 23, 2011


Dudes. Can we talk? I said, walking into my Me Only Room with them loping in after me.

It was after dinner, after the dinner that Miss Carol had told me about her walk on the beach with Cutter and Tug. I’d had to work so she’d gotten (gotten? really?) home early enough to do my chore and I’d thought she’d been kidding.

I sat and asked them to sit.

Tug panted and gazed around wonderingly and Cutter cocked his head to one side pondering.

So. Dudes, I said, what happened?

What happened with what? Cutter said and Tug grunted and panted.

Don’t play me, I said. Miss Carol told me all about you guys being spooked by a little dog catching a frisbee.

Oh that. Cutter said, slumping to a laying-down. Tug stared at the ceiling.

So what happened? I said. It was a little runt of a dog, right? Why’d you spook?

Cutter sat back up and said, it was it’s short little legs.

And Tug said, and it barked. A LOT.

I rubbed my face and said, so a sawed-off teeny little dog playing frisbee freaked you guys so bad you had to walk the beach rubbing up against Miss Carol like little girls?

They both sat nervously until Cutter hissed- it had TINY little legs.

And Tug whispered, it barked. A LOT.

I laughed.

You guys suck, I said.