Daily Archives: September 7, 2011


I flipping LOVE books.

I love the carefully designed covers.

I love the smell and the feel and the texture of the pages.

I love that the typeface and paper are chosen by the authors and offered up like gifts.

I love that Miss Carol and me have filled our home with books that plead- read me, no, me, read me.

I love the soft comfort of a good book.

So it was kinda a cold hard slap of reality when I downloaded my first “book”? Miss Carol had given me an iPad and I hadn’t done much with it until I was faced with the boredom of the tractor-trailerin’ school breaks. I had to do something, sitting there all alone, so I “bought” Carl Hiaasen’s Star Island and read it during the classroom breaks.

And ya know what?

It wasn’t too terribly bad. Not the book nor the experience. Reading a book on an iPad is kinda like kissing with a mask on- the intent and want is there and you’re missing out on the lips, but, hey, at least you’re still kissing, right?

So will I become an eBookworm? I don’t know. I’m not sure if I’ll ever download another book or if Star Island will languish all alone and lonely on my iPad bookshelf, digitally forgotten as I caress the pages of a new hardback while it whispers to me-

read me