Go get popcorn and cokes and use the restroom, people.

I don’t know where this blog is going anymore and I’m not sure if I’m not gonna kill Perhaps and maybe it’s the rampantly falling barometric pressure or the constant whateverness that’s been poking and prodding me lately, but my lovely narcissism just doesn’t seem to be enough to keep pushing this boulder up that mountain.

Too much is going on and I feel swirled.

So. I think I’m just gonna take a deep breath and dive down and see where I surface.

I’m lost.

10 responses to “Intermission.

  1. DUUUUUDE!!!!!! Take a step back!!! A deep breath!! Then grab your boot straps and pull yourself up brother!!!! I know you’ve got a million things going on!! The days seem to get shorter, you feel like you get less done and fall further behind!!! This ain’t no race!! There’s no finish line!! Just plug away everyday with what you can get done. Do your best and at the end of each day be happy with yourself and have a cocktail! ‘Cause in the end, it’s all about how much fun you had and shared!!! Be cool!!!! Do you need a Cyndi and Brye visit/fix? LOL!!!!!!

  2. A business, little house of horrors and truck driving school…you could have too many irons in the fire right now…just one of those by itself could become overwhelming. What Bryant said…makes sense to me. No need to decide something right away ~ deep breaths.

  3. Kevin in New York

    Hey, submerge for awhile, we all do it.

  4. Please don’t leave us. Take a break or cut back… do what you gotta do to stay, you know, relatively sane. But then come back and talk to us. We’ll be here.

    • Shit Stephanie, you know Mr. Narcissism would never let me leave.
      In fact, he’s already back in the room shoving and pushing me.

  5. –>Maybe you need to google Girls Jumping on Trampolines or something.

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