This is why my life sucks.

20-20 hindsight, so Miss Carol and me went to a party, OK?

And it was fun, ya know, if fun can be defined by the stuff that’s yet to come, ’cause you know it’s on it’s way. Or, at least, NOW you do.

So we hung, and we drank and we exalted in another ‘effing Friday well done and well put behind us.

But then.

On the way home I just maybe mentioned that some of the other women at the party were HUGE. I mean, seriously big. And I say other women so they can all read this and go- it’s HER!  IT’S NOT ME!


Miss Carol looks at me on the road home and says- am I that fat?

And I said- No way, not a chance, baby, are you THAT fat.

So, do you see where this is going?

And it is, and it has, and I wonder sometimes why I can’t learn the simple lessons.


4 responses to “This is why my life sucks.

  1. I can’t help it. I laughed.

    You poor guy. How long were you in the dog house?

  2. Ditto…I laughed too.

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