Daily Archives: June 20, 2011

Cutter. Again.

Cutter has this weird thing that he likes to do with empty bottles of water. He likes to unscrew the cap.

So when I got home on Saturday from work I flipped him my empty Dasani bottle and he went at it.

Then I stopped and said, You’re too fucking weird, dude. Why do you do that?

And Cutter paused and said, ‘Cause it’s a challenge and I think I like challenges.

So I pulled the Dasani bottle away from him and spun the cap off with my teeth, screwed the cap back on, and said-some challenge.

Cutter looked at me like I was a turd and said- well, of course it’s easy for you dickhead, you’ve got FINGERS. Try it with these he said wiggling his paws.

So I picked the empty bottle up again and cradled it between my forearms and worked and unscrewed the top. It was harder, but not THAT hard. Honestly? I don’t know why I get sucked into Cutter’s universe, but I do.

I put the top back on again and flipped it to him again. Big deal I said.

Cutter cocked his head like he always does when he’s thinking big thoughts and then he said- maybe I just like the crackly sound it makes when I chew on it.

I walked away.