Daily Archives: June 24, 2011

Am I gay?

Grainy, crappy, photo aside- I did the thumb ring thingy.

I love the look but it’s been garnishing some askances in amongst the burly types I work with.

I know, I know.

In the gay community a ring on the right thumb means you’re single and available.

But I’m not gay nor single nor even available. So it’s just a ring, right?

And, hey, honestly?, if a bunch of gay guys want to hit on me I’d find it flattering ’cause ain’t none of that gonna be happening and who doesn’t like to be popular? Shit, I’ll play cock tease. (did I just say that?)

So it’s been different.

I’ve gotten some really interesting looks from the women I work with and been treated to some really strange vibes from the guys I work around.


All ’cause a stupid ring on my thumb.

Sometimes this shit makes me want to laugh out loud.