Daily Archives: June 17, 2011

Ooh, finally. A good day.

Not only are we dried in.

Not only do we have plumbing roughed in.

Not only do we have heat and A/C roughed in.

But ooh, baby, BABY.

The best shit, like, EVER?

We got’s us a utility easement. Dominion Power had been searching legalities using the road name. Come to find out, Edgar Cayce (yes, THAT Edgar Cayce) had set up the development under HIS name.

Once the enormously unrelenting ego’s were pushed aside, we got’s us an easement.

Which means Dominion Power is gonna be planting the biggest, greenest, thickest, most engorged telephone pole ever, right IN THE FUCKING MIDDLE of dickheads property to bring us our sweet, sweet, electricity.

I hope it gives the fuckwad a stroke.

And I know. I KNOW.  I should be a nicer person.

But I’m not.