Somehow, some kinda way, I’ve slipped and tripped and fallen into The Land of The Sucky Books.

I’m not quite sure how it happened but it seems I’m stuck.

I LOVE books by new authors, living as I do vicariously through them and dreaming and hoping that maybe one day I’ll be one of them. So anytime I see a newbie, especially a newbie with a good write up I’m all like quivering and wanting-thinking it’s gonna be the best thing EVER, ’cause I’m so sure all their pent up creativity is gonna flow lava hot down the pages.

But then something like Rock Paper Tiger happens and rains on my parade.

Don’t get me wrong- it reads fast and it flows. But that’s the problem. Reading Rock Paper Tiger is kinda like watching a river rush by. There’s no beginning and no ending and it just kinda rolls on by and you cock your head and look at the horizon and go, WTF?

The story is about Ellie who’s come back from the war in Afghanistan and moved to China with her new husband. In the war she saw some things and in China she finds herself maybe targeted by a mysterious group maybe because of what? Dunno.

Are they the China government? Are they CIA? Who knows???

So she’s chased all over China and finally she’s caught and tortured by being made to sit in a chair for several hours.

And then she’s released.

And has a great life.

Rock Paper Tiger is one of those books you wanna read when you run out of Danielle Steele.

It’s like eating air.

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