Daily Archives: September 11, 2010


Things are becoming sluggishly slurry in oceandoggy.com land. Or maybe not sluggishly slurry- maybe just slowly slipping and sliding in a slightly different direction.

Ya gotta realize- I started this blog thing as an exercise to make me write- if not daily- at least every other day or so. I wanted to write but wanting and doing are waaaaay different things. I needed regimen and my silly blog provided it.

I had thought that, once I finally STARTED writing, I’d go spiralling off into all the other stuff I’d wanted to do. That, once exercised, my fairly lazy brain would leap up onto higher and faster cars and novels would flow out of me like diarrhea.

Right? Right.

Dreams are awesomely cute little things in string bikini’s but what I’d thought would happen hasn’t happened yet and so instead, it seems I’ve hatched this blogging baby and since I’ve never had a baby, I’m awed by the responsibility and the time demands and not sure if I’m up to it or even any good at it.

Which is cool. Which is fine.

But because I’d long yearned for the diarrheal, I was surprised to find out that when I started this bloggy stuff (OK, maybe not RIGHT away but maybe after awhile) people were actually reading my goofiness and a few started to comment and more e-mailed and ┬ábefore I knew it I was squeezed in tight between the lives of people I’d never met and yet care about.

And even though it wasn’t my diarrheal dream, it felt good.

Real good.

Check it- the peeps I’ve “met” because of oceandoggy.com are really some of the most wonderful people I’ve had the fortune to “meet”- since, you know, I’ve never actually “met” any of them, but they’re folks that I want to hold onto and keep in touch with. ‘Cause I LIKE ’em.

I’m constantly amazed.