Daily Archives: September 13, 2010

Little kids.

Man. This shit just kills me.

Miss Carol was watching this 20/20 show the other night and as soon as I walked out of the Me Only Room and heard BaBaWaWa’s voice I knew it couldn’t be a happy thing.

And it wasn’t.

Call me Mr. Sissypants but I don’t like sad. I know sad is out there lurking somewhere waiting for me but I don’t go looking for sad so I can cry like Miss Carol does.

Anyway. It was a story about these little kids that have some kind of weird disease, progeria, that makes them old at like 2 and dead at like 12.

That’s just not fucking fair.

I mean, I don’t even really like little kids, but honestly?

Kids should be allowed to be little annoying fucks, screaming for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hating school and hating their parents and growing up and texting constantly and stealing their parent’s car and driving drunk and getting pregnant and getting abortions or getting married or going to college and becoming lawyers.

But a little kid hitting middle age at 6?

That’s just not fucking fair.

The overwhelming thing, according to Miss Carol ’cause I refused to watch it, was how HAPPY these doomed little kids were. It was almost as if, because of their condensed little lives they, and their families, packed in all the happiness they could without regard or concern to anything else.

And maybe, just maybe, wouldn’t THAT be a nice way to live? I hope?

Shit kills me.