Daily Archives: September 17, 2010


No, not that.

I’m not talkin’ the crappy cholesterolly rich, heart cloggingly food I make and love.

I’m talkin’ about mining the fields of the foodie shows and plumbing the richness that is the Travel Channel and planning whole day trips and vacations around restaurants and food that looks so good that you maybe lay awake at night dreaming dreams of burgers and hoping and wanting and, OK, maybe even salivating just a little about. The yearn, baby, the burn.

I’m talking¬†Foodycation. My word. You saw it here first, dudes.

And Miss Carol and me are gonna do it. Lots.

Instead of going somewhere and laying on another beach and drinking more rum drinks with cute little umbrellas in ’em, and getting sunburnt and walking wistfully holding hands down picturesque marinas docks, we’re gonna head out to obscure little places and eat and hang out with obscure little locals. And drink and eat what they drink and eat.

I think it’s cool beyond belief and can’t wait- the first is gonna be Louis Lunch in Connecticut- home of the cheeseburger. They make their burgers in vertical broilers the same way they’ve been doin’ it ¬†since the beginning of time. I’m thinkin’ lunch and then hotel room fun ’cause it’s a Foodycation, baby.