This is some kinda good shit right here.

I don’t even ever really like collections of short stories ’cause they make me stop and start too much over the course of a single book, but this one is a goodin’.

Russell Banks has nailed his characters and their tawdry little trailerpark trashy lives (not that that’s a BAD thing so don’t email me about poor people and living in trailers, OK?) and the way they singly and collectively manage to get along and live amongst each other without killing one another.

Set in Catamount, New Hampshire, the stories loosely tie together the twelve trailers that constitute The Granite State Trailer Park sitting on a little lake outside of town and it’s quite possibly necessarily disparate and eccentric community of unfortunately knot-head personalities.

Most are without jobs and although easy and cool with one another, they are beset with all of the other problems that proximity normally forces on losers living in cheap ass rented aluminum trailers they consider their personal castles, assailable by none of the other losers surrounding them, and honestly? I loved them.

It’s a little visit into the little lives of little lost people living in a little trailerpark.

And it’s HUGELY good stuff.

It made me want to sell everything and buy a trailer on a little lake.

I’m thinkin’ Lakedoggy, maybe? Trailerdoggy?

Could happen.

One response to “Trailerpark.

  1. Really? It was really that good? I might have to head over to B&N at lunch and check it out…normally I wouldn’t give that type of book a second look. Maybe it’s time to expand (or narrow?) my horizons…….

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