I’m not bitchin’ or pissin’ or moanin’ or anything, ’cause, gosh, not THIS time, too?

But. ya’ know what? maybe I am.

‘Cause, baby, I’m tired.

I’d wanted to

And I really tried to

But I swore I’d never

And then I did.

Dude, I’ve been working seven days a week for months now. My eyeballs have started to vacillate and I’m making crappy decisions and I’m not sleeping and, ooh, poor little baby, whatever, stop your pussy-boy whining, right?

Right-e-o, neighbor. Check and double check that, babe.

But the effort’s changing shit.

Ya know?

One response to “Stumble.

  1. You are my hero. I’m only working 4-5 days per week and I still can’t manage to post as often. I am, however, an expert on lazy. And reading.

    Oh, and PS, I took your suggestion and am reading The Gargoyle. I’m only a quarter of the way thru, and it’s taking me a while, but so far so good.

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