Well, shit.

We’re fifteen days into construction and there is absolutely NOTHING going on. After months of permit process and hot on the heels of years of amateur design work and even more amateurish dreams I just can’t seem to push this baby off the cliff and make her fly.

The contractor that’s gonna do the site work promised he’d start on the 6th, or maybe on the 7th at the very latest. When neither happened, I called him repeatedly but cell phones with caller ID are fun things and pretty much guarantee contractors are gonna talk to you when they’re damn good and ready.

And that’s what’s happenin’

Mr. Site Work finally returned my plaintive calls last Friday promising he’d be there toiling away on Monday the 13th. Tuesday latest.

Again nothing. So. More plaintive pleas, more unanswered calls and he finally called me this morning to say that he’d DEFINITELY be on-site tomorrow, machines and dump trucks humming. Boy Scout’s honor.

You know, unless it snows.

And, ya baby, you guessed it- it’s supposed to snow tomorrow.

So now I’m thinkin’ Mr. Shithead Site Work Dude won’t start this week and then next week is Christmas and gosh golly can’t be starting anything THEN and after that it’s New Year’s and holy cow give me a break and then before we know it, it’s January.

And I’ve lost another month and, you know, maybe I’m just one step closer to homicide.

6 responses to “12.15.10

  1. Sounds like a huge pain in the ass, and extremely frustrating at the same time.

    Maybe they’re slow to start with the holidays being right around the corner? One can only hope, right?

  2. Hope is what I’m hoping for.

  3. Every day this sounds more and more fun. Also, a friend of mine from high school is building his own house too. Only it’s one of those extreme micro houses. A bit smaller even than your plans. Thought you might enjoy checking this out: http://microhouse.wordpress.com/

    • Fun’s one word for it. But maybe not the one I’d use right now.
      I’ll definitely check out your friend’s website.
      Thanks and have an awesome Christmas!

  4. Hopefully by this point some dirt has been pushed around….but I will keep watching the news headlines, you know just in case there is film at 11.

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