O Tannenbaum.

Is there anything more sadly pathetic than an unornamented Christmas tree?

I think not.

It’s Christmastime once again and so once again I dragged a dead shrub into our house and leaned it up in the corner. We’ll cover it in lights and ornaments and call it beautiful.

And it will be.

But, more and more , I wonder why we do it.

It’s just Miss Carol and me and Cutter and Tug and I know I could care less and I’m pretty sure Cutter and Tug are fairly unaffected about the whole Christmas thing so that leaves Miss Carol boldly pushing our holiday down the well beaten path.

And you know what?

It’s a good thing she does, ’cause otherwise I’d probably be spending Christmas on a lonely barstool bitching and moaning about life and Cutter and Tug wouldn’t have a blazing tree to bask in.

I loves my Miss Carol.

2 responses to “O Tannenbaum.

  1. Annie McGreggor

    And, as a long-time lurker, let me say that I’ve decided you are one hella lovable man — therefore, deserve the lovely Miss Carol more than any other Y-chromosome blogger I’ve read. You also get triple-play points for your love / attachment to Cutter & Tug. The mark of a Truly Good Man = (1) way beyond the honeymoon, publicly verbalizes love and honors his mate AND (2) is a softie for animals. The world needs many more Oceandoggies. Have you looked into cloning? Happy New Year !

  2. Thanks!
    I’m stunned by your comment and appreciate it more than you know.
    And yes, I looked into cloning- I simply can’t afford it and if there were more than one of me I think Miss Carol would load up BOTH barrels of the shotgun.
    Stop lurking and come out and play.

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