Daily Archives: December 22, 2010

Shit’s happenin’

The last coupla days have been a wild ride. After days and weeks and months of stymied do-nothingness, all the sudden we’re riding a riptide of shit happenin’.

This is what went down. Last week Miss Carol and me finalized the floor plans AGAIN for, like, the FINAL TIME? and handed them off to the framer and all the other contractors that need to know where to put stuff.

Attentive readers will notice that I flipped the bedrooms ’cause Miss Carol wanted a hallway and closet and the rest of us will yawn and rub our eyes and say let’s just do this thing already.

Then, last Friday, Wesley, the contractor who’s doing the site work and driving the pilings and installing our much beloved, super expensive septic system got started pushing dirt.

So far we’ve had thirty truckloads of fill sand delivered and spread where it’s supposed to be and I’ve ordered the 31- 22′ 8×8 pilings which are gonna be delivered today and the piling inspection is due tomorrow and I’m meeting Wesley on Monday morning to lay it all out and we should have pilings washed down next week if the weather holds and the construction gods smile fondly on our feeble wantings.

And I know it looks like pretty much what it is- which is a bunch of dirt being pushed around in the middle of a big open field- but it smells like progress.

Things are burgeoning.

I can feel it.