Yeah, so this weekend was our annual Big Chill- our fishing fueled, alcohol drenched, memory erasing, bikini-clad romp back into adolescence.


I LOVE Beaufort

Every year about this time we all converge (we all being a group of decades old friends) on a little cottage in Beaufort NC and hang out and wish we’re younger than we are.

And mostly we succeed. Mostly ’cause we try hard.

Each morning the women make sandwiches while the men drink bloody marys and stare at the Weather Channel wondering what it’s gonna be like offshore.

Then we load everything and everybody up and head out. We drop the women off on an island so they can hunt shells and gossip and suntan and we head out to do manly fishing things.

And it’s cool and it’s fun and it’s one of the best weekends of the year.

But ya know what? Getting back home and having Cutter and Tug proudly jerk and yank me kicking and screaming and cursing around the block makes me realize how much I love home.

Home Sweet Home baby.

5 responses to “Bo-bo-beaufort-babeeeee.

  1. Wonder what it was like back in the day when Blackbeard would visit? Did you catch any fish?

  2. I think that’s what I need- more fun in my life! Wait, what is fun? How do I find it? Where do I find it? Who am I??? 🙂 I love the pic…

    • Fun is surprisingly all around you.
      You’d be amazed.

      • Quite clearly you need to walk a day in my shoes!! I’m not whining, mind you, I can make fun- I get that. But sometimes it would be nice to just have it effortlessly hit me…..

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