Daily Archives: October 2, 2010

Bumpy beginning.


I knew going in that building a house, even a little itty bitty house, would be a challenge- I just didn’t think the challenges, and that’s what I’m gonna call ’em- would rear up this early.

I hadn’t heard from Dominion Power so I called today to see what was up. The very lovely I am sure Lauren, told me that she had been wrong and that Dominion Power ¬†couldn’t just willy nilly install power poles and bring electricity to empty lots until they saw some movement, some construction goin’ on.

And I was like. OK, that’s cool.

So I asked the very lovely I am sure Lauren what Dominion Power needed to see from me to install electricity. Did they need to see a building permit? Backhoes digging and laying septic? What?

And the very lovely I am sure Lauren said that Dominion Power wanted to see construction taking place and then she squatted and laid the bomb.

And you’re gonna have to pay for it. She said.


And the very lovely I am sure Lauren said- YES.

When I came to, after I regained consciousness, and the paramedics had left I called and asked the very lovely I am sure Lauren just how much Dominion Power Trucks and Crews were gonna cost.

And the very lovely I am sure Lauren said she didn’t know and couldn’t possibly calculate the cost until she engineered what had to be done AFTER I started construction.

And I’m pretty positive the very lovely I am sure Lauren was surprised by my invective, because she said she’d have a ballpark figure for me next week.

In the meantime I’m going to the NC state utility commission to fight it.


One of the reasons we were forging ahead with the build was that we were given about twenty new Crestline windows. I had designed our new little house using just about all of them.

Come to find out- they don’t have the coastal DP (design performance) rating required so we can’t use any of them which meant I spent a good part of the evening re-designing our little bitty house and the rest of the night knitting my ¬†very lovely I am sure Lauren and Crestline Window dickhead dolls and poking pins in them.

Back to square one.

Building a house is tough.