Daily Archives: October 15, 2010

Update and some details?

While the increasingly numerous permits wind themselves through the system that is North Carolina, seeking a goal, an end, I wait.

And while I wait, I’ll update, ummmK?

Dominion Power has cancelled the work order for construction temp service because they need to see the house coming out of the ground before they’ll extend primary service down the street and since primary would have to be constructed before temp service, it means I’ll hate them ’till I draw my last labored breath, but, HEY- at least I finally got a good explanation about the costs.

Get this- when lots are laid out, but no development is planned, the power company has to guarantee service at some kinda price, and since they can’t possibly extrapolate that cost over decades ’cause that would be silly, and knowing that feeding my house would eventually break the back of the company and millions would be left in the cold and dark they have to protect their profits.

So they put a number out there, a ridiculously silly number representing utility construction in the 40’s- and then contractually force the customer to pay the difference. I gnash and growl but unless I want to live by candlelight I have no choice. They are the monopoly and I’m the yearning. So WTF?

Kinda like the government- but don’t get me started.


Some details on our little house. If your eyes glaze over, um, come back tomorrow?

Over the years, I’ve probably drawn and re-drawn our doggy dreamhouse about a bajillion times. We’ve gone from 4000 sq ft to 900 sq ft and everything in between.

It was ridiculously time wasting fun. But when we finally, really started talking about what it was we REALLY wanted, what we REALLY needed, it turned out that it wasn’t that much, that it was much less the more we thought about it.

We wanted a view.

We wanted an open kitchen/living area.

And we only wanted two bedrooms and bathrooms ’cause  we’ve learned after decades and centuries of living at the beach that small is good. We love entertaining but really love being able to visit with the folks that come and stay with us. Too many bedrooms and you have a crowd, a horde, and you end up cooking and cleaning and not really being able to rub up against your guests.

And rubbing up against is good, right? ooh baby, baby.

Another reason for smallness is the funny thing about space- it’ll fill up before you know what’s happening and then you have a whole buncha stuff you gotta take care of. So we kept doggydreamville small.

Now if I can just get it built someday.