Daily Archives: October 6, 2010


After months and months of trying and hoping for a little one, it was surprising how fast it happened.

It looks like we’re pregnant with a little bitty house.

On Friday, I found out that the 20-some odd windows we’d been given for free, that I’d designed the house around, didn’t have the required coastal DP rating so we can’t use them. So for the umpteenth bazillionth time, I redesigned our tiny touron hideway, and it’s DONE.

And this time I drew it in INK and I’m posting it so it’ll be harder for me to want to change it.

It sounds goofy but you guys need to thank your lucky stars I didn’t include all y’all in the endless iterations. Trust me. I make MYSELF crazy with the constant changes and endless indecision. It’s something I seem to do well.

Miss Carol can somehow just blow me and my vagaries off with a flip of the wrist and a toss of her hair, but most everybody else would be scratching their eyes out.

But this it. I SWEAR.

This is our little 1200-something square foot touron escape pod. Our bungalow of loooove.

And it’s a done deal. Really. Honestly. This is IT.

I’ve (OK, WE’VE) designed the house around nominal lumber sizes. Each square, if you care, represents two square feet. So if you’re really bored and still reading this and want to count, you’ll see that the rooms are built on 16’s and the walls are all 8′- hopefully minimizing waste, ’cause I’m green like that. And, ooh, so, cheap like that, too.


Am I becoming a turd? Is this ALREADY turning me into something I don’t want to be?


I’m hoping to hear from Dominion Power tomorrow that they won’t abort our little one ’cause I’m an optimist like that and then we can start building.

‘Cause building’s fun, right?

C’mon, let’s GO.