Daily Archives: August 30, 2010


Miss Carol suddenly got the idea yesterday that maybe we should go to ECSC (East Coast Surfing Championship) this weekend. It started out as, a like maybe? if we’re not doing anything else, ┬áthen maybe? we should check it out one of these years?, and slowly metastasized into us heading up to the strip.

So we did.

We parked the tractor trailer about ten blocks away, ’cause it’s hard to find parking for a tractor trailer and hoofed on out to the beach.

And we checked out the amateurs.

And then we watched the pros.

And then we split ’cause the meter was broken and we didn’t want to get a ticket. I’d like to say I’m cool enough to appreciate the surfer’s efforts or to say that it was way fun.

But I’m not and, honestly?, it wasn’t.

We had no idea what we were watching or how surfing is judged so we just kinda hung out, staring and mouth breathing.

We’re turds.

But it was pretty.