Daily Archives: August 27, 2010

Give me a break.

Honestly, give me a fucking break.

I mean really.

I was reading a newspaper yesterday- remember them? I don’t where I found it  or why I was reading it but get this-

Supposedly “scientists” have decided that all the oil spilled in the Gulf is being eaten by bacteria that seem to LOVE the spewing oil. And, get this- the oil is simply “disappearing” at the rate of half the TOTAL spill every three days or so. By Labor Day three months of wildly spewing oil shooting into the Gulf will all be gone.

Cool baby.

According to government funded academia, in just a coupla days, months and months of oil pollution will magically disappear. I am SO glad those oil loving little fuckers have their dinner bibs on.

It got or gets worse. Believe it or not, the article went on to say that 500 million barrels of oil “seep” into the Gulf each year anyway so it’s really no surprise that the cute little oil-loving bacteria would pony up to the salad bar and take care of the worst oil spill in the history of our planet. So hey.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not ranting ’cause I’m a green-licking-tree-hugger. I’m not. I drive a truck that could pull a house down and gets 10 miles a gallon. I use diesel like a 3 dollar hooker uses condoms.

I’m ranting because I think the only way we’re gonna push us into the Manhattan-style project needed to move us off of oil is to use it all up. I’m doing my part and so should you.

I’m ranting ’cause I’m being told millions and billions of gallons of crude oil are just gonna magically disappear.

I’m ranting ’cause I’m gettin’ tired of being lied to.