Daily Archives: August 20, 2010


Okey dokey, I’m pissy.

It’s been days and weeks and months and years of hot, humid, mind-searingly crappy outside working conditions and I’m on a tear and the only thing I long for daily is the the three or four hours Miss Carol and me spend in air-conditioned comfort cocktailing and eating dinner.

So it went straight to my pissy zone when I saw this article in Coastal Living.

Why am I reading Coastal Living? Dunno. Maybe brain bubbling from the heat?


It was a fluffy piece about a new eco-friendly home built on Bald Head Island North Carolina and I was looking at the pretty pictures and thinking it sure would be nice to live there when it hit me.

What a shit hole piece.

Coastal Living had totally sold this house as some kinda totally green, good time feelie, big ole’ warm arms wrap around, kissy face, perfect green home.

So being pissy and being in a pissy mood I read the article.

And guess what?

Not only does this perfect child 3400 square foot home have windows that, like, OPEN to let in gentle sea breezes, maybe, possibly cutting down on A/C? It has HUGE overhangs on the decks so that the rain doesn’t somehow get into the maybe open windows, when the gentle sea breezes aren’t 100 degrees so that the twin units that cool the behemoth are turned off. If.

Not to mention the stairs have open risers letting light in so valuable electricity doesn’t have to be used. During the day.

And, of course, most of the house was constructed out of sustainable materials. Like, you know, wood?

Don’t get me wrong. I think shit’s gonna change at some point but I’m pissy and hot and tired.

And don’t tell me this happy crappy family with their someday open windows in North Carolina are on some kinda cutting edge of greeness.

They ain’t.

I’m pissy. It’s the heat.