Tug’s sick.

And that makes me sick.

It was on Friday that I first started noticing that Tug’s poops weren’t quite right (I’ll leave that at that) and then on Saturday he threw up once and Sunday not only were his poops not quite right but he was throwing up everything he ate.

His eyes are clear, his nose is cool and damp, and it (whatever IT is) hasn’t slowed him down at all, he just can’t seem to keep anything down. Since both Cutter and Tug are normally so robustly healthy it’s always a shocker and a concern when one of them gets the least bit sick.

For me anyway.

Not so much for Miss Carol.

While I worry and feel helpless and imagine all of the sorts of terrible diseases that Tug might be fighting, Miss Carol just kinda takes it all in stride, happily telling Tug that his stomach just isn’t feeling very good right now and that he won’t be getting any carrots at TreatTime tonight.

I know I’m probably just being a little girlygirl and she’s probably right, it’s probably nothing, and he’ll probably be fine tomorrow, still, I just can’t help but wonder what Cutter would ever do without his lifelong littermate.

It’s gotta be nothin’, right?

One response to “Sicko.

  1. –>Is Tug feeling better? We keep talking about how our 4 year old lab will be lost when something happens to our almost 14 year old lab. I don’t even want to think about it.
    Does Tug eat grass? That always makes me girls throw up.

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