Daily Archives: April 30, 2010


Just a little short teeny tiny post as we hurl ourselves out the door and into a REAL LIVE NASCAR RACE.

I’m lookin’ forward to it but its not like I’m a big fan, but then again maybe I WILL be after this.

The only time I usta watch NASCAR was on the odd, rainy, stay-at-home-positively-nothing-else-to-do-weekend. The weekends when you’re sippin’ beer and staring out the window at nothing and you’re brain’s idling in neutral and you’re wondering if maybe breathing’s gonna become something you might need to think seriously about.

One of THOSE lazy ass weekends.

But most times, Miss Carol and me would go to lunch at one of the bars down here on the island on weekends and they’d have the race on.

And I was like, whatever, dude. NASCAR’s everywhere. Lots and lots of high speed left hand turns. Yawner.

Except maybe this time it was different. It was the first race that the FOX network did and something about the way they punched it up or the way they made it interesting hooked me. We got home and Miss Carol took a nap and I watched the whole race for like, the first time ever. Including the wreck at the end that killed Dale Earnhart.

Since then I’ve followed NASCAR kinda, sorta. It’s not a big thing in my life. I’ll turn it on, if I remember, and let it roll while we go to the beach or whatever. Keeps Cutter and Tug company.


When we were offered a sky suite at the Richmond race we were all like, oh, HELL YA.

So that’s where we’re headed.

I’ll let ya know if it’s worth it.

On another note, thanks for the e-mails concerning and concerned about Tug. He’s finally fine as frog’s hair. By Monday he was keeping food down and by Tuesday his poops were more Tug-like. (like ya need to know THAT)

Who know’s what goes on with these guys and why they have to make me crazy, but he’s good again.