Beans and Sausages.


This will look familiar if you’ve been wandering around the site. I had originally hoped to have separate pages for separate topics, but that’s not going to work. Instead, I’m going to be categorizing posts. This is the first. Instead of a doggy treats page, you’ll be getting a doggy treats categorized post. 

See how I did that?

Today’s doggy treat is Beans and Sausages. I make this when Miss Carol is out and about with her girlfriends. They call it Ladies Night Out and have even started calling themselves The SeaGals. I know, I know, it gives Miss Carol and me douche chills too. But that’s another story.

Back to Beans and Sausages. Here are the ingredients- to the left, pinto beans, to the right, hot sausages, and front and center, a couple of mommies little helpers.


First you want to dump the pinto beans into a small pan. No wait. First you want to open one of mommies little helpers, then dump the can into the pan. Season with coarse black pepper and sea salt and put the beans on high until they start to burble-you know, like the pictures you’ve seen of hot mud baths or the way your stomach feels after a long night. Once they’re burbling turn it to low and cover them. Periodically, like after every third sip of mommies little helper, stir the beans, mashing them into the sides and bottom of the pan to create a thick gravy.

Next, put the sausages in a frying pan and, you guessed it, fry them. There’s plenty of fat in sausages so they can just roll around in their own grease until browned. Once they’re browned I like to slice them lengthwise ’cause it increases the surface area of the crispy parts. Grab yourself another little helper and relax. The hard part’s just about done.


Jesus, could that picture get any blurrier? Maybe the stove was moving.

Anyway, once the sausages are nice and crispy cut a couple of ’em up into man-sized pieces (or smaller if you can’t handle man-sized), stir ’em into the beans, add some hot sauce and chew, baby.

When you’re done, be sure to run some water over the dirty pans to loosen up the crusty stuff. Your wife will admire your thoughtfulness.

Especially after a long night with the SeaGals.


2 responses to “Beans and Sausages.

  1. Is it possible that the blurry photos is more likely due to mommy’s little helpers than a moving stove? No, you’re right, that’s ridiculous!

    Oh, I forgot! Yes, PLEASE send me the recipe for Apple Crack. It sounds like something I should’ve made YESTERDAY.

  2. Beans and sausage looks delicious because I love both beans and sausage. But I’ll tell you what, they aren’t as fun as bulls and oysters, because those are just out of control. Actually, I don’t think I consumed either of those this weekend. Just a very large amount of beer.

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