I’m an overachiever- I know that about myself. Or maybe I’m an overreacher.

Or maybe I’m just a flippin’ retard.

Whatever it is that I am and however it relentlessly pushes me, it propelled me yet again this weekend.

It started on Thursday with bunches of pictures of paint selections and the hopeful oohing and aahing and wishfulness that flairs when dreams are in the air.

And then when Miss Carol and me agreed on colors for the exterior of The Little House of Horrors, I immediately decided that this was the ONE and ONLY weekend to paint the house. Fretting, I worried that if we waited, all would be lost- I’m gonna be working the next several weekends- and then winter would be swooping in and the whole house’d be reduced to the sulking and moldering dampness of loserness.

I HAD to paint this weekend.


I’d planned on renting a 45′ articulating 4-wheel drive lift and drive around The Little House of Horrors probingly insect-like, spraying her with paint as fast as I could move.

I figured I’d be home in time for brunchie brunch and a cool cocktail.


There were no lifts to be had, so Me and Crockett (one of Phabulous Phil’s guys) spent ten hours spraying Pro-Block primer on Saturday, humping 40′ ladders and cleaning the rental gun every 5 minutes. What a piece of crap.

Then, on Sunday, we continued the humping of 40 footers and sprayed color using my little one gallon sprayer. And ooh baby, baby, talk about the tiny train that could- I’d kiss her if she wasn’t so painty.

But it was exhausting. Even my hair is sore.













Miss Carol just told me maybe I should just leave and drive a truck- that maybe we’d be happier- that maybe we wouldn’t be keeping our lives on hold.


I don’t know how to take that yet.

6 responses to “lookiedoos.

  1. –>Sounds like Miss Carol didn’t want to hear any more of your painting woes. My husband complains the entire time we have to paint something too.

  2. I think I’m gonna need a cocktail.

  3. Ok…I just got back from Melbourne Beach..the house looks great….your painting experience sounds like it sucked and made me tired just thinking about it…but did I miss something? Miss Carol now wants you to go truck driving and if so is it a good thing?

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