Daily Archives: October 7, 2011


It’s something I’ve known and dreaded.


*tortured sigh*

On my way to work this morning I stopped at the paint store and snatched up every possible color brochure thingy. I’m not good with colors and need lots of pictures showing all the different combinations that talented designers recommend. Plus, it tends to confuse Miss Carol.

Can we say delay? Can we whisper, hopefully maybe never?

And I’m thinking that in the next month or so, maybe, Miss Carol and me can agree on a color. I mean, the Little House of Horrors needs to get painted, she’s started to show that 5 o’clock shadow of neglect and loserness. Unfortunately, my hurry-ness has snuggled up right behind my want for a root canal.

But being a responsible kinda guy, I keep pushing ever onward and on my way home I stop by Sunbelt Rentals to check on the price and availability of a 45′ articulating lift (’cause i’m a pussy and there’s no way i’m painting a 3-story house on ladders and if I have to do this at least I get to play with construction equipment?) hoping against hope that it’d be prohibitively expensive and I can convince Miss Carol we really need to pay somebody, anybody, to paint our Little House of Horrors, but that ain’t happenin’, so me and The Little House of Horrors have a playdate.

That’s cool, I’m thinkin, I can deal with that, knowing that Miss Carol still has to look at and digest and decide on a color scheme after she goes through the many million paint hint thingies I brought home. It’ll be months, I’m thinking. I’m sipping a beer feeling pretty good about a no-paint future and watching Man vs. Food when Miss Carol chirps brightly- Ok, I’ve narrowed it down to these four.


So I go look and damn if I don’t like them too and I point out the two that I really like and Miss Carol agrees and raises me and says she really, really likes this one and I call and have to admit I like it too and there you have it.


The weather over the next five days is supposed to be picture perfect so now all the sudden I’ve got to try and get Sunbelt to deliver the lift tomorrow and get the paint and rent a sprayer and spend the weekend putting the bling on our Little House of Horrors.

Pinch me when this gets fun.