Don Quixote.

So this is how it goes.

About a year ago I gave up on local radio, ’cause the churn rate is just way too high. Same songs over and over and, like, over again? Softly caressing and mind numbing.

Even Howard Stern was getting a little tiresome. Same old, same old. Yawner.

Am I getting cynical?

So I turned to books on CD to keep me company while I drive MR.GREENE.

I love reading and didn’t want to not read something good, so I chose fluff to listen to- Lee Child and Clive Cussler- that kinda stuff.

It’s like eating marshmallows. You’re never gonna be full.


The other day I was in the library looking to replenish and I saw Don Quixote. And I said, well shit, I’m gonna get me some refinement.

I mean, I certainly kinda sorta know the whole Don Quixote story but I’ve never listened to it and I’ve certainly never read Cervantes’ 1605 novel.

So I grabbed both volumes and scurried to the check-out counter. I was kinda surprised that the book spanned 35 CD’s but I was all, like, hey, whatever it takes to get me smarter. Right?

Maybe not so much.

I hate to highlight my shallowness, but by the third CD I was over it. Don Quixote was a crazy old man and he’d already gone through several fucked up adventures and I’m thinkin’- there’s still 32 CD’s left? Where is this going?

So yeah, I got bored.

And I went back to the library and dumped Don Quixote and picked up a coupla more Lee Child Jack Reachers and Clive Cussler Dirk Pitts ’cause sitting in the shallow end and eating marshmallows sure can be nice.


6 responses to “Don Quixote.

  1. I can SO totally relate! Thanks for the morning laugh!

  2. Thanks!
    I constantly wish I was a better person.

  3. –>I give you credit for trying. I can’t even spell Don Quiote. See.

  4. Local radio (and even satellite sometimes) is mind numbing lately…the same songs over and over in between what seems like hours of commercials. So I picked a spa station on satellite ’cause if they play the same songs over and over, you don’t really notice. I have never tried books on cd…something I should try.

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