Daily Archives: April 1, 2011

Mr. King.

C’mon buddy.

On any other day I fucking love Stephen King. I’d read his laundry list, or his callout menu. Anything.

But this book? I don’t know. Maybe not so much.

Full Dark No Stars is four short stories with an afterword that maybe tries to apologize for them?

Let’s count them out.

The first is a kinda Edgar Allen Poe rip-off of the telltale heart. And I don’t know why it ends the way it does. If it was me, I’d a been cool with it.

The second is an inexplicably wild vigilante thingy that would NEVER happen. We all love relentless revenge and ¬†you’d like it to happen, you want it to happen, but really?

The third is pretty cool- classic Stephen King.

The fourth story is something that you probably need to be married for decades and centuries to appreciate- but it’s probably the best of the stories.

And honestly? I’m a nobody and my review amounts to something way less than nothing.

But hey.