Daily Archives: April 8, 2011


Anybody who reads my crap knows this ain’t a chick self-help feel-good kinda website.


I’ve noticed something kinda interesting over the last year or so. Something that seems to help with the day-to-day crap. I don’t know if it’s meant for everybody, but, hey? Call me dr. ror.

Ya know how lots of times your day totally sucks? And you’re pissed and you’re over all of it? And you just want to move on to something but you know not what?

Hang with me, we’re all with you.

Start doing this- grab the mindset that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is simply purrrrrfect.

Check it.

So you’re driving to work in the morning and you’re texting and spilling coffee on your best jeans-don’t get pissed off, think, hey, the stain is in a purrrrfect place and the coffee that’s left is the absolutely purrrrfect amount.

Then, when you get to work and you have to park all the way in the back- think, well shit, it’s not raining and it’s a purrrrfect amount of walking.

Are you getting it?

And when you land in your stinky little cubicle of work-time hell? Think, gosh, it’s a purrrrfect size for me and I’ve purrrrfectly decorated it with pictures of my lonely little life. And let’s don’t forget, the walls are the purrrrfect shade of gray.

Later, while you’re eating lunch all alone at the crappy, greasy fast food place that you know the guy you briefly dated until you found out he still lives with his mother will never visit is purrrrfect for it’s solitude and loneliness.

And then, while you’re sitting in rush-hour traffic on the way home to your lonely apartment be sure to remember it’s a purrrrfect time to reflect and maybe read. If only you’d brought a book along, it’d be purrrrfect, right?

Once you finally get home and you’re munching on a microwaved macaroni and cheese dinner and watching the emptiness of TV think about

whoa. stop. Fuck.

It’s weird sometimes where writing something sometimes takes you. You go along for the ride thinking it’s gonna be backseat fun with cute little cheerleaders and you end up driving your demons.

This started as one thing and went way south.