Mr. King.

C’mon buddy.

On any other day I fucking love Stephen King. I’d read his laundry list, or his callout menu. Anything.

But this book? I don’t know. Maybe not so much.

Full Dark No Stars is four short stories with an afterword that maybe tries to apologize for them?

Let’s count them out.

The first is a kinda Edgar Allen Poe rip-off of the telltale heart. And I don’t know why it ends the way it does. If it was me, I’d a been cool with it.

The second is an inexplicably wild vigilante thingy that would NEVER happen. We all love relentless revenge and  you’d like it to happen, you want it to happen, but really?

The third is pretty cool- classic Stephen King.

The fourth story is something that you probably need to be married for decades and centuries to appreciate- but it’s probably the best of the stories.

And honestly? I’m a nobody and my review amounts to something way less than nothing.

But hey.

2 responses to “Mr. King.

  1. Good to know. I used to love, love, love SK. And then, right about the time of IT I stopped loving him. When Duma Key came out a couple of years ago I decided to try him again – and loved the book. So I read Under the Dome and loved it too. I’m not a big fan of the short story so I have really been wavering about this book. Not anymore.

  2. I agree.
    Mr. Stephen has changed. Lots.
    What’s IT?

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