A weird thing happened to me while I was hurringly rushing to the hospital this morning.

Ya know how sometimes you’ll see something that is sooooo outside the realm of your comprehension, so out of the ordinary, so completely bizarre that you simply stare at it totally uncomprehendingly for seconds until you realize and somehow rationalize and understand what it is you’re seeing?

That’s what happened to me.

I was driving to the hospital and between traffic lights the traffic slowed and stopped briefly before creeping forward. I was listening to a book on CD and I was late and I was thinking maybe I could just push the entire standstill into the hospital parking lot snowplow-like with MR.GREENE. when I found myself watching a telephone pole being wrenched back and forth, juking and jiving  and twitching and jerking to the absolute limits of the utility cables attached to it.

At first I didn’t know what to make of it. Who ever sees telephone poles being pummeled back and forth? And why ever would you?

And as I crept closer, urging the little car in front of me with MR.GREENE’S massive bumper I saw that somehow, some kinda weird way, a little red Mustang had hit the telephone pole, snapping it off at the 10 or 12 foot mark.

The Mustang was resting upside down in the intersection on it’s crushed roof, smashed plastic body parts littering the street and it’s fluids leaking. There were several good samaritans already running towards the car, screaming into their cell phones so I put mine away and slowly sidled around the wreck and the now gently swinging broken telephone pole.

But as I drove the last half mile I had to wonder. I had to wonder how a car ends up like that on a straight road with a 30 mile-an-hour speed limit at 8 o’clock in the morning. And I had to wonder if the person or persons in the red Mustang survived what their life or lives would be like.

And I just had to wonder at the fatality of it. I’m guessing the person driving certainly did not wake up this morning thinking their day would end quite so abruptly and violently. I’m sure they were as surprised as anybody.

And too, as I eased past the wreckage, not only was I thinking my day was gonna be no where near as sucky, I was thinking about Fate and what if, we really don’t have any choice in our lives?

I mean what if it’s all pre-ordained? Set in a stone we don’t get to see.

And then I said, shit dude. Thoughts like that are at LEAST two pay grades above your feeble brain. Let it go.

And I did.

But that’s what we do, right?

14 responses to “Fatality?

  1. Wait. Maybe I should know this, but… Why were you rushing to the hospital? Did I miss something?

    • Yep. I’d accidentally chopped off my arm.
      The hospital is one of my best clients. I was just rushing to a meeting.
      You missed nothing.

  2. Oh, and also… “And then I said, shit dude. Thoughts like that are at LEAST two pay grades above your feeble brain. Let it go.” Reading this made me kinda laugh out loud like “hah!” which is what I’m do when I find something funny but wasn’t really expecting to. I love your writing.

  3. Yea….why were you rushing to the hospital??

    It’s like when I see stuff like that or hear about something horrible happening, the first thing that comes to mind is “when they woke up that day, everything was normal” …. and then I think when I woke up everything was normal. Like you said, you let it go…or go crazy thinking about it.

    • um. Drug deal gone bad. I took a double tap and had to drive myself to the emergency room.
      Again, just kidding. I work there, lots.
      And ya.
      You just never know, right?

  4. Maannn. That type of thing is so disturbing to see, and sort of surreal. Okay, very surreal. It’s like we always know in the back of our minds that our number could be up any time, but then when you see junks like that it forces you to really think about it. At least for awhile. And then realize you better do something fun because life is short! 🙂

  5. Thanks for this post. I found it to be very centering…put things in perspective when it is so easy to get hung up on those little life things.

  6. Ror,
    I’m having one of the worst work weeks in a long time. I’m at the point of walking. My door is shut for as long as I can keep it that way. Call Brye crying just can’t take it anymore. Then he told me to read your blog. I’m THANKFUL this didn’t happen to you! I don’t wish it on anybody and I’m sure the people in Japan are having the worst life they could ever imagine. BUT, anybody and everybody can have a bad day just as everyone else does, right? I’m going to cry because I need to. I do Thank you for your brilliant writing.
    I love and miss you and Mrs. Carol. =}

    • Little sister you ain’t kiddin’. Everybody has bad days.
      But, hey, check it- you could be grossly misshapen and wheelchair bound instead of blonde and beautiful, ya know? But we’re lucky people.
      So maybe try this idea out- every day I wake up is a gooooood day.
      And maybe go from there?
      Dr. ror has left the house.

  7. OK ditto the – why were you rushing to the hospital question?

    A very disturbing story to say the least. You should go see the movie The Adjustment Bureau – it got a bit panned by reviewers but I liked it and it addresses the whole do you believe in fate or free will question.

  8. um. I put my eye out with a sharp stick?
    I do their communications work and I was running late as usual.
    I’ll definitely check out the Adjustment Bureau. I saw the trailers and it looked really pretty cool.

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