Daily Archives: March 30, 2011

The cupcake rules.

A seemingly long time ago Miss Carol and me painted the living room and kitchen for the umpteenth time. And for the umpteenth time Miss Carol decided she didn’t really like the color a week after we had, you know, painted it?

Maybe it’s a chick thing.

Anyway. A seemingly shorter time ago Miss Carol and my brother’s little cupcake were talking and the cupcake decided we should have an accent wall. And not just any accent wall, but an accent wall painted a dark blue.


The whole outside of the house is painted blue. I live in the bluish nightmare of Miss Carol’s favorite color.

So I was kinda like, bleah?  More blue?

But the cupcake is good at this stuff and we’re not and she persisted. She took pictures of our living room and virtually painted it. And Miss Carol was sold- she was ten times excited, going- WOO-HOO!, BLUE!!! (did I mention blue is Miss Carol’s favorite you know? color?)

Anyway, fast forward to Sunday.

Miss Carol let me sleep in while she walked the boys. I was laying there listening to the howling wind and pounding rain and dreaming about a quiet day in The Me Only Room and thinking about how much I loved Miss Carol for walking the dogs while I practiced my slothfulness, when they all came bounding up the stairs wet and cold and happy to see me.

Cutter and Tug jumped up on the bed and buried me in their damp dogginess and Miss Carol asked if I was ready to paint the living room.

Um, fuck? Today? Shit. Damn. Aaaarrggh.

So Miss Carol thought for a second and then she stripped down and slipped back into bed to convince me just how much I’d love painting the living room.

And she was right.

And the cupcake was right.

The colors are amazingly warm. I’da thought they’d be waaaay too dark but not only are they not, I effing love the blue.

The cupcake rules. And she rocks.

And so does Miss Carol.