A quick aside.

I was watching Deadliest Catch tonight as Captain Phil died and his sons struggled with his death.

And I thought.

Ya know? As much as that would suck I wish I had had a father. An old man. Somebody I coulda’ looked up to and tried to be like.

But I didn’t. And don’t.

Instead, I have some guy living out on the other side of the country that every century or so tries to get in touch with me and be my bud.

Dude. I don’t need another old friend.

I needed a dad.

4 responses to “A quick aside.

  1. Sadly I think some guys just don’t get it. I’m pretty close to my dad but I don’t know if my daughters will have that kind of closeness with theirs. When their father and I divorced they were 7 and 3. He didn’t stay in Virginia, he moved back to Colorado to be close to his friends and family ~ you would have thought he would have wanted to stay closer so he could be “dad” but guess not. He opted for long distance telephone calls and maybe a once a year visit when he flew them out for a couple of weeks in the summer. Now they are 19 and 16….he doesn’t know what he missed. Like I said, some guys just don’t get it.

  2. You can pick alot of things in life…where ya live, what you do, who ya marry. Shame ya can’t pick parents. I’ll trade ya a wacked out missing mom for an absent dad!
    Naw…,let’s not!We both turned out ok without ’em! Their loss!!

  3. Yeah, my dad has been a missing person most of my life. I tried once or twice (wish I could say HE did, but no). We’d get together, have dinner, and then I wouldn’t hear from him until another five years had passed. Then I called and asked him to my wedding and he said he already had plans and I’ve had nothing to do with him since. His loss.

    I feel fine about it, really. Have a great stepdad… but sometimes I wonder if his absense hasn’t played a larger role in my life than I realize. I dunno. Something to ponder.

    I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this, but I think you’re freaking amazing. But… yeah. It kinda sucks. I guess I have nothing real substantial to offer.

  4. Oh, and your Justin Beiber post made me laugh out loud, like, four times. Just thought I’d throw that in there. He’s such a turd.

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