Daily Archives: July 28, 2010

White Bay. Finally?

Not to be thwarted two days in a row, The Queen Princess Cruise Director declared that we’d be haulin’ ass for a mooring in White Bay first thing in the morning.

And we did.

And it was a good thing ’cause that place fills up faster than a bar giving away free drinks. Within an hour of our arrival all the mooring balls were taken and the anchorage looked like a mall parking lot on Christmas Eve.

Come to find out, 60 and 70 foot catamarans jam packed with tourists and daytrippers from St. Thomas salivating for a Soggy Dollar Painkiller swarm into White Bay every weekend. I hated it. Think tourist trap crap anywhere in the world and stuff it all into a half dozen sandy beach front bars unable to handle the overweight, sunburnt influx and count me out.

The Queen Princess Cruise Director, however, was in her element. She moved from bar to bar and Painkiller to Painkiller telling anyone who would listen about Bobby being shot and how the islands were still recovering and how provisioning was hard.

White Bay was her drunk day. Hey. We all had one.

The Queen Princess Cruise Director even managed to get kicked out of Ivan’s, something none of us had ever heard of and didn’t think possible but maybe the Bobby story wore them down.

I’m thinkin’ they’d already heard it.

A quick aside.

I was watching Deadliest Catch tonight as Captain Phil died and his sons struggled with his death.

And I thought.

Ya know? As much as that would suck I wish I had had a father. An old man. Somebody I coulda’ looked up to and tried to be like.

But I didn’t. And don’t.

Instead, I have some guy living out on the other side of the country that every century or so tries to get in touch with me and be my bud.

Dude. I don’t need another old friend.

I needed a dad.