So this is how it goes.

Ya wanta write somethin’ upliftingly worth reading, worth the 10-15 seconds spent cruising through.

But ya can’t. It’s maybe not worth the effort or maybe you’re drunk or maybe tired.

But you try.

You turn up the music thinking that’ll help and ya force it, squinting and pushing until you give up and give birth to a lame-o post and a picture of Cutter and Tug looking longlingly for yet another biscuit.

And you slink away, covering your head in shame like a cop-killer after sentencing.

4 responses to “Nothingness.

  1. But what an awesome photo!

  2. –>I love seeing pictures of your dogs. As I opened this page my yellow lab came over, nudged my arm and grunted because I didn’t pet her fast enough. Labs.

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