Daily Archives: March 31, 2010

Oh Man.

I’m a turd.

Not only is it tax time, when every government- local, state, and federal want to take everything left after you’ve paid local, state, and federal taxes, but Miss Carol’s pissed at me too.

When we have dinner late I generally do the dishes and the only thing I want is to have music blaring.

Makes it like a party, ya know?

But. Tonight was f**cking American mother f**cking Idol f**cking night.

Something I hate and something Miss Carol somehow some kinda way has to absorb.

So I cranked up some music and Miss Carol cranked up f**cking Idol, so to teach her a lesson I turned my music OFF.

And then she decided to teach me a lesson and turned Idol OFF.

And then she stomped off to the bedroom to watch it up there.

So I decided to teach her a super-duper lesson by washing the dishes in silence.

That’ll show her.

I hate it when Miss Carol’s mad at me.