Gonna Happen.



Enough already of the dark stormy introspective posts for awhile. Suffice it to say that, after yet another summer of hard partying fun, I’ve made certain promises to myself. Promises that I don’t want to broadcast for fear of the ridicule and snickering when I fail.

But I won’t.

So,  I’ll let ya’ll know what happened last week on November 1st. That way, one way or another it’ll be done. Or well on it’s way. Actually THEY’LL be done- there was, like, 4 things I swore myself to in that moment of shaky weakness.

We’ll see, huh?

On another note- a quick update in response to e-mails about my loser ability to keep a story line going-

MIGHTY WHITEY- I don’t know what I’m gonna do. My most favorite Chevy Suburban is slooooowwwwwwwlyy being re-built and I’m just about at the end of my patience. I’m thinkin’ I might just have her towed out of the shop she’s in and into another to finish it up. Enough already.

WEIGHT LOSS- This is something I touched on a while back. I’ve lost about 50 lbs and Miss Carol has lost so much that sleeping with her is like sleeping with another woman and who amongst us doesn’t chub over that? Ooo baby, baby.

CUTTER AND TUG?- Are fine as frog’s hair. I’ll post soon.

OCEANDOGGY.COM- Thanks to all y’all, I’m not going anywhere. Like Miss Carol says, you’re stuck with me.

Next- Fetch.

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