Daily Archives: September 3, 2009

Daily wood.


Holy effin’ jaysus, ┬áit’s that time of year again.

Today Hooper delivered our firewood for the winter. We burn through roughly two cords a year and every year when he dumps it I swear the pile is bigger.

I stare at it and then try not to think too much about how many times I’m gonna have to handle each and every log.

But then I do.

First I gotta stack it so the neighbors won’t laugh and point at me. Next, I move it one wheelbarrow load at a time during the winter into the garage so I always have dry firewood. Then I carry it an armload at a time from the garage to the stack on the hearth where I finally put it on the pretty fire that Miss Carol enjoys each and every night while the cold northeast winds howl and skirl outside.

And somehow that last part makes it all worth it.



I had a weird thing happen to me today. All day long I was thinking it was Tuesday and that I’d exhausted the repertoire of meals I could cook for myself and that I’d either have to eat leftovers or go hungry until Miss Carol gets home Thursday night.

Then I happened to glance at my watch while I was working and noticed the date was a “2” and when I looked at a calendar later in the day the “2” corresponded with Wednesday and Miss Carol gets home on Thursday and all the sudden it was like Christmas in September.


So it’s cheeseburger night and the last night I have to cook and the last night I have to torture my reader with crappy pictures of simple food.

I think I just heard a faint woohoo from my reader. Thank you reader.

So anyway.

While the grill is heating up grab you a packet of Bubba’s Burgers. Without a doubt the best burgers you can buy. Totally unappetizing hockey pucks of uniformly frozen meat they undergo a metamorphosis while being grilled that is just short of amazing. Really. You can’t fuck these up.

Once the grill is good and hot toss them frozen hockey pucks on there and go get yourself a coldie. You deserve it.

After about three minutes or a couple a sips of beer, go back outside and season the burgers.

This is key. Seasonings are like free air. There ain’t no calories and there ain’t no guilt so let your seasoning flag fly. I like to sprinkle my burgers with Caribbean Seasoning, Coarse pepper, and Montreal Steak. You can do what you want. Just don’t be shy. It’s soooo good.

Flip ’em and season the other side and sip your beer and dream of molten hot mounds of meaty goodness.

After another couple of minutes and put the cheese on, close the grill and shut it off. As the cheese melts and the grill cools wonder why you don’t do this every day.


You can add what you will. I had these babies with sliced celery and avocado on the side and since I ate off a paper plate, I had this to clean up afterwards-



BTW- a variation on the cheeseburger is a goober burger. Cook the burger, slather mayonnaise on the buns and peanut butter on the burger.

Sounds totally gross but for some completely inexplicable reason the mish-mashup tastes really GOOD.