Daily Archives: September 2, 2009

Key Lime Chicken.


Miss Carol’s in San Francisco so I’m left to somehow fend for myself and Cutter and Tug.

Cutter and Tug are easy ’cause they eat the same stuff every day but I’ve been spoiled by Miss Carol’s cooking and honestly, really enjoy a different meal each evening.

I only make about four different things good so I’m glad that Miss Carol gets back on Thursday.

Tonight is Key Lime Chicken.

Disclaimerville- If you’re lookin’ for a lot a precise information on my super simple recipes you’re not gonna get it. These are way easy ways of making something good that you can’t fuck up. Really. If you do, you shouldn’t be cooking, in fact, you shouldn’t be around open flames. Eat at 7-11.

Back to the Key Lime. Get yourself some chicken thighs and or legs and or wings, but use dark meat. It’s greasier and lends it’s self better to the recipe. You’ll also need lemon pepper, limes and cold beer. Actually you don’t need the beer, it just makes every meal taste just a little bit better.

Crank up the grill. Coat the chicken in the lemon pepper and squeeze the first of several limes over it and toss ’em on the grill like a seasoned cook.

Open a beer.

Note- this is a really easy recipe but you gotta watch the chicken. You can’t just toss it on the grill and go inside and dance with the pretty girls. You’re gonna have to cook.

OK. Back again. Every 5 or 10 minutes flip the chicken, squeeze more lime, and add more lemon pepper. Don’t skimp, you’re slowly building a lemony, limey, peppery, salty, crust to the chicken.

Not to mention, you look like you know what you’re doin’.

Note- after you squeeze the lime and add the seasonings go ahead and suck the lime. It combats scurvy, makes your beer taste really good, and your breath’ll smell like Jimmy Buffett.

Cook the chicken till it’s done and serve with whatever. I had corn on the cob and a tomato but feel free to explore.

You can’t mess it up.