Daily Archives: June 30, 2009

Miss Carol’s new boyfriend.


Miss Carol has a new boyfriend.

Nopey, nope it’s not the flowers. I gave Miss Carol a monthly arrangement for a year for her birthday many, many, many years ago. Little did I know that ┬ájust like herpes they just keep coming and won’t go away.

Nor is it the Australian dolphin sculpture that I scrimped for and saved for and winced for when I finally bought it for Miss Carol.

And it’s definitely not the cheapy deapy NOAA weather radio that I listen to every morning to plan my day whilst I make Miss Carol’s coffee.

Miss Carol’s new boyfriend is her brand new sleek shiny slender super sexy new iPhone 3G. She don’t know it yet, but she’s about to be smitten and carried away by it’s Appleness.

And I’ll miss her.

Miss Carol is corporate so she has had to put up with the Windows world, carefully and completely shielded from exposure to the wonderful beautifulness that is Apple and Mac. Poor, poor, Miss Carol.

But all that’s about to change and I can only hope Miss Carol remembers me.