Daily Archives: June 3, 2009

Ladies Night.


Tonight was Ladies Night.


It’s only supposed to be once a month but lately it seems like it’s way more frequent and as usual the guy with the mirrored sunglasses and hawaiian shirt came by to pick up Miss Carol in his Corvette. 

She says he picks up all the Ladies for Ladies Night. I don’t know where they all sit, but I’m guessin’ that’s a whole nother story.

So anyway, I decided to make my killer sausage and egg burritos for dinner. Warm fleshy burritos filled with, you guessed it, scrambled eggs and hot sausage- what’s not to love?

First I assembled the ingredients.

Whoa, waitey, waitey, just a minute, I lied- first I cranked the tunes. I have some Totems in the living room that are so cool that when I turn ’em up and sing along, I sound just LIKE Steven Tyler. Really. 

THEN I assembled the ingredients


I know the kitchen is kinda dark but the Bud Lights and Aerosmith help a lot. After cracking a coldie I browned the sausage which basically means cooking it in a pan until, well, it’s brown. Go figure.

When the sausage is nice and brownish add some eggs. And crack another coldie. And sing just LIKE Steven Tyler.


Ooh baby. Makes you wanta stop singing just LIKE Steve Tyler and eat but wait, there’s more. As the eggs start to cook stir it all together and add whatever spices make you wonder why the Corvette dude is picking up Miss Carol for Ladies Night. I love pepper and a Caribbean mix we found down in the BVI’s. If you want the info on it, email me.

While the eggs and sausages are coming together put a burrito in the microwave for 30 seconds. When it’s done scoop a bunch of your heavenly kick ass eggs and sausages onto the burrito.

A note to burrito newbies. Do this fold. Think of it as tucking them in.


Add hot sauce and roll it up. With the fold you can drink and sing and dance around your Miss Carol-less kitchen and not have your burrito goodness squirting out all over your faux hawaiian shirt. Not that that’s ever happened to me.


Life is goooood.